Why do we travel? (Part II)

Why do we travel? (Part II)

Travel creativity and sharing are another pieces of the puzzle

I wrote some days ago about learning pleasure and why we travel.

Recently, I’ve been to a TEDx event nearby, where I participated in a splendid workshop by British designer Ned Hoste to help trace and build your own creative tree. I shared this time with my teenage daughter and we met there some other restless travel-lovers (Hi Aitor!)

So, during the workshop, we travelled through some questions as “What do you love to create?” and “Where do you get your ideas?” Those are two fundamental questions that define each one of us. And then, another question: “What inspires you?” Here, the first things that came to my mind were books, music, plain observation and … Boom! Travel creativity!!! Of course, we get inspired by travelling! Because when we travel we go out of our comfort zone and we are able to feel, taste and see through other cultural filters, through other people’s eyes. 

Coming back to Ned’s workshop he told a personal story about being watching a picture by Van Gogh and suddenly being conscious about the fact that he was standing right in the same place where the painter had been while creating his work. That’s exactly what I mean.

And then another question touched me: we are bound to share our creations with others. If we don’t, they never really come to life.

So, OK! Learning is a pleasure. But we cannot leave it there… the picture wouldn’t be complete if we don’t use all this knowledge to create something new…and share it! That’s why we love to share our stories, better by a good meal, as we Basques like!


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