Gastronomic Clubs, the heart of Basque gastronomy

Gastronomic Clubs, the heart of Basque gastronomy

Why do Basques love Gastronomic Clubs?

I have recently read about us that

“The Basque people have a huge reverence for food”.

Absolutely! We love food, and you can feel and taste it everywhere. But the holy temples of Basque gastronomy are our Gastronomic Clubs or “Sociedad“, as we call them in San Sebastian, or “Txoko“, that is more commonly used in Bilbao.

Here, the traditional artisan societies have evolved into these Gastronomic Clubs. Basques always find a reason to share a good meal!

If you want to know them, you can’t miss out this article published at Condé Nast Traveller Magazine, explaining their very own experience at a “Sociedad” in San Sebastian.

Learn about txuletas (charred T-bone for two, I bet Donald Trump would improve his weird handshake if he tasted them) and Merluza a la koxkera.  And, of course, don’t forget Idiazabal, a uniquely sharp, aged sheep’s milk cheese.

Food the Basque way! Yummm!


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