3 things money can’t buy…

3 things money can’t buy…

…and 3 weird facts that tell how we, Basques are.

Yes, I know… This cliché about certain things in life that you can’t just exchange for money, things money can’t buy…

I like to think our real currency is not money anyway, but the time we spend earning it, so, eventually, we pay with our time. The thing is that it is true that there are some really important things that we can’t buy: Think of family and good memories, those moments of satisfaction and contentment, moments of happiness shared with the loved ones, to begin with, but there are many other things money can’t buy, like the air we breathe or…

1.Feel among friends (easy when there are Basques involved).

It’s only some months ago that Iceland abolished a law from the 17th century that allowed to kill Basque people legally!!! Yes, we sent some institutional representatives to the ceremony and solve it with a hug (literally)… and all this time we have welcomed Icelanders all the same, such an incredible hosts we are!

2.Have a good health.

We are proud to be healthy people. So, there is a popular saying for the young and healthy: “Chicarrón del norte“.  Shush… One of our not-so-secret secrets is our food and the way we live and worship it.

And we like to share all this health! We have one of the highest numbers of blood and organ donors in the world.

3.Taste for the authentic.

Mother nature has blessed us with stunning mountains and a wonderful coast. We are attached to tradition and folklore. And again, simplicity, nobility, honorability, honesty and authenticity get together when people rally to watch pelota -ball game- and to gamble on it. However, mixing up honorability with gambling is quite a high bet, don’t you think?

Ha! We like that!

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