Why do we travel (or should I say just “move”)?

Why do we travel (or should I say just “move”)?

Travel experiences and why we love them

I’ve always thought I’m a restless person, learning new “things” – whatever they are – has been kind of my gasoline, and I’m pretty sure this is the case for many, learning something new is a basic ingredient in everybody’s fuel formula, it’s just proportions that changes.

But we don’t learn just one way, I mean the “traditional” way, with books, practice and hard work, but there is another awesome and powerful mechanism for learning: through experiences and interaction, a more primitive way, may be – was this need of “food for thought”, to discover something new, what made the first human beings to leave Africa and begin the big travel to colonize the world after all?

In some way, a restless person is one that is always moving – from an idea to another, from a place to another…

Life is experience, and those experiences we have, lead us to interact with others and to connect with them. Did you know that interaction with friends & family (and pets!) is the major source of happiness for more than 30% of the people? Sure! For social interaction is one of the fundamental human needs!

Connection is why we’re here – Brené Brown.

And what are we doing when we’re travelling but learning new things about new places, interacting with new cultures and people? Think of it! Why do we feel so happy when we travel? It’s not only because we are momentarily out of our duties, although this helps too, I suppose, but because we feel the pleasure of the new learnings, the interaction with new people and we load all of it in ourselves as the memories we keep of our travels.

And that’s why I think that we love travel, or should I just say that’s why I think that we move?


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