The story of how Noemi became a private tour guide

The story of how Noemi became a private tour guide

A private tour guide from USA to Germany and back to the Basque Country

Being the daughter of a professional Jai Alai player – a traditional Basque sport, did you see it on Miami Vice?- we followed our dad through the States. Growing up as an American in a Basque community. No wonder none of my friends wanted to sleep over, we had anchovies and lentils for dinner! Well, that has shaped me and given me so many good memories and the weirdest stories. Oh, let’s not forget my Jennifer Lopez accent.

My adventure goes on, and after moving back to Mutriku – the most charming little fishing village on the Basque coast, you can tell I am Basque, we are so proud!- life takes me to Munich, Germany. After many beers and sausages, my German actually gets pretty good – 10 years does that!- but like a true Basque I returned, like elephants, who at a certain age direct themselves to a known place.

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