On Sustainability and Tourism (II)

On Sustainability and Tourism (II)

Sustainable Tourism. The Triple Bottom Line.

We, Basques, are proud ambassadors of our natural environment, cultural and historic heritage. We love to preserve them and to show them to our visitors. It’s in our genes! If we are so lucky to know about them with a born storyteller like Noemi, then,  wow! the experience gets truly authentic. And that’s when we feel that connection with people around the world. You share your treasures, you feel other people appreciate them and they share a part of their mirroring treasures with you!

The Basque Country is a destination truly committed to sustainability, driven by administrations, but inherent to people as well.

Nowadays, society is beginning to look at businesses’ results beyond financial results (money, money), and the triple bottom line, including social and environmental results, is now the reference to look at in all economic sectors. In tourism, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council is a major player defining the global baseline standards for sustainable travel and tourism.

We have to commit to this mission, advancing from words to specific actions; hosting and fostering best practices as recycling and environmentally preserving the places we visit. But we can take a step further. For example, proactively redirect touristic flows to points of interest outside the mainstream. This would help to a better preservation and less damage to the most renown places with a bigger saturation.

Again, as we said at the end of the former post, sustainability is in our hands, and, when we’re talking about sustainability in tourism, we are all part of this endeavour, administrations, businesses and tourists.

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