On Sustainability and Tourism (I)

On Sustainability and Tourism (I)

Truth to Power.

It’s been a really hot June this year. The Basque weather is usually warm enough to enjoy the beach but this year temperatures have raised to new records. This may seem as good news, the sunshine always is, but I’m a bit dizzy about climate change and its consequences to our wellbeing, especially in these times when some people refer to it as unproven science
As Neil deGrasse Tyson wisely says on this matter:

“established scientific truth is still true whether or not you choose to believe it”.

We, Basques, are really proud of our commitment to the fight against climate change and sustainability. We teach our children how to act properly and how to protect our environment; we love nature, our mountains, our coastline, we reuse, we recycle; we have the best ambassadors of seasonal food; and we support green renewable energies, mature technologies such as windpower, and the ones that are just starting to be an alternative, such as wave energy. We have the first commercial multiturbine wave energy power plant in Mutriku, where developers can test their devices to make this alternative a feasible real possibility, and you can sneak into it with a guided visit!

Everyone can take action towards sustainability with many little things, but the challenge now is to spread the message. That’s why we are really excited listening to this moving song, Truth to Power, from OneRepublic, while we wait for the release of An Inconvinient Sequel, Al Gore and his team’s new documentary film. #BeInconvenient.

Sustainability is in our hands, and denial just delays the solution.

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