Arts & Artisans

Arts & Artisans

Artists, creatives and inventors

One of the features that share artists, inventors and creative people in general, is the passion they pour over their creations. They share a piece of their soul with them and let them almost come alive.

Either a chef’s gastronomic creations, a wine producer applying new techniques to achieve a different author wine or the piece of wood that enhances the experience in a 5* hotel. If you are so lucky to have the chance to hear these artists talk about their creations, you can spot this passion. They are talking about “their little children” after all.

And they definitely are! 

For the rest of us, that enjoy with their artworks, they are a source of beauty and wellness, that we can just admire or, taking one step beyond, we can get involved and let this passion touch our soul.

That’s what we love of our experiences. We can feel this passion during a cooking class when the chef is showing step by step not only the cooking process for a traditional Basque dish but the love for the seasonal product during the shopping walk through the market before the cooking class. Or just listening to a txakoli vineyard owner explaining the techniques he’s introducing to produce a special wine.  Or maybe a wood artist showing his creations, from an awesome table in the shape of a book, to a series of wooden pictures portraying love, to a simple piece of wood, and explaining us their meaning.

We are so thankful they are sharing their passion with us!


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